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  • Used – Very Good:
    The item has been well-cared-for, has undergone limited use, and is still in good working condition. It may show limited signs of wear, i.e. small scratches or cosmetic errors. The original packaging may be damaged, or the item could be repackaged. 

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Smothers

It still works. You can tell someone who was over the weight limit def got on this originally making there a huge crack on the front. I just hope it’s not something than will worsen over time to make the scooter inaccessible

My kid loves it.

A kid is 8 and small for her age. She struggles with balance and is loving the 3 wheels. Hoping a larger version is made in the future for older kids, but this is working great for now.

Johnny Flo
kimi scooter

amazing unit for kids . works great
their customer service is outstanding. also with the scooter being electric powered the kids will still kick to get more gain and speed which is great physical movement and mobility.

Reyna Duran
Best in the West (refurbish purchase)

Purchased the refurbished black & yellow scooter. Arrived in a well packaged box. I immediately noticed that whoever did this, took their time. Once I pulled out the scooter from the box (no setup required) I inspected the frame, wheels & handles; for it being refurbished, it was in great condition. The fact that the scooter already arrived charged, made it easier on me because my 5yr old son couldn’t wait to ride it. Adjusting (raising/lowering) the handles was definitely a breeze! Not only is my son enjoying his new electric scooter, but I’m also getting compliments everywhere we go.

I Definitely would be returning customer in the near future 😃

Great purchase

The girls love these things. Can't get them off of them. The battery lasts about 2 to 3 hours depending on their weight, terrain, and if it's fully charged. Very happy with the scooters and for refurbished units they look amazing and work perfectly. Would definitely buy again.